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Brazil Wind Energy Conference 2013 - It happened this week at Ceasar´s Hotel – São Paulo-SP,  Brazil

The video below shows the rotation tests of the printed sails and the energy microgeneration being monitored by a power indicator light.  

The development of high performance sails for the prototype doesn´t stops and now we’re testing the first printed ones on flexible substrate with animation effect for energy microgeneration. We thank the support given by Roland of Brazil and the JM Service to develops the project.

History The idea came about due to my dissatisfaction at seeing so many white wind turbines. After built the first animated wind turbine – usind for that illustration, modeling/animation 3D and prop building skills – I decided to improve more the design for energy microgeneration  and patented both the animation system as a more efficient [...]

I always appreciate  the beautiful inspirations and references that the nature brings to me. Also always been interested in technology, particularly those that directly help the environment or which cause little or no impact on the nature. Renewable Energy always caught my attention and one of the things that bothered me is the fact that [...]